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How I Learned to Increase Calories Burned

Burning a lot of calories doesn’t take a lot of effort. But it does take more effort than you think. If you’re like me, you’ve looked at those graphs that tell you how many calories you can expect to burn in 30 minutes. Or an hour. It’s seems pretty impressive. Riding my bike for 60 […]

Summer Review – 2020 – Running

I’ve been running now for about three years. I mean running for running’s sake. Running to improve my fitness. Running to improve my lung capacity and breathing. And running to burn calories. But here’s the thing about running for running’s sake. It’s like being on a deserted island by yourself and your own thoughts. I […]

Weekly Bullshit # 4 – I’m I over my head

This year I’ve been doing a whole bunch of different sports. It started out with doing functional training at home for the first few months of 2020 when all went to hell. Then around May I started running again; I still wasn’t an efficient runner so it was a bit of a challenge. Then I […]


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