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Weekly Bullshit # 4 – I’m I over my head

This year I’ve been doing a whole bunch of different sports. It started out with doing functional training at home for the first few months of 2020 when all went to hell. Then around May I started running again; I still wasn’t an efficient runner so it was a bit of a challenge. Then I […]

Weekly Bullshit # 3 – I Can’t Swim

I just realized that I can’t swim. Nor did I ever think to add it to my list of things I need to improve on. Well, let’s make that, things I need to learn to do. Mind you swimming pools have been closed for a good while. And I don’t know of any lakes I […]

Fitter, Stronger, Zzzzzzzzz.

Ever since I’ve been working from home, and gotten my Whoop, I’ve been trying to get better sleep. If you’ve never used a tool like Whoop, or the Oura ring, they are tools used to help you get proper rest and provides feedback on your recovery progress. The better quality your sleep, the better your […]


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