Who Wants to Live Longer and Healthier?

I’ve recently started reading a couple of books and listening to a third in audio book form on the topic of living longer and healthier lives. I fell on it by accident as I was studying for the NASM Certified Nutrition Coach certification. I was reading about the mitochondria. Read some science papers on the contradiction of free radicals, which led to disease and aging which really doesn’t seem to make sense from a biological perspective. Then I read something about human cells having a counter that when it reaches zero, our life-quality starts to degrade. Which led to buying books on longevity.

The interesting thing about the human body is that it’s not some mythical thing that just works, on the biological level everything seems to be very logical. Of course, the conversion of carbohydrates to phosphate (our true energy source) is a bit convoluted (see cellular respiration), but it’s been documented to some very detailed level. Scientists pretty much know how everything works to some extent; including cancer cells. Some details remain to be sketched out. But the bigger challenge it seems at this time is experimentation and delivery of the final product.

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