New Year, New You: A Dr. Seuss Inspired Fitness Resolution

New year, new you, it’s time to start,
A journey to a fitter heart.
No more excuses, no more delay,
Let’s work out and sweat every day.

First, set a goal and make it clear,
Whether it’s to lose weight or build some muscle here.
Next, find a plan that works for you,
Whether it’s running, cycling, or lifting, do what you do.

Don’t let the scales define your worth,
Focus on how you feel, on what you can do on earth.
Eat healthy, sleep well, and stay hydrated,
And your body will be rejuvenated.

So let’s get moving, let’s get fit,
With every step, you’ll feel a hit,
Of motivation and determination,
To reach your goal with elation.

So here’s to a new year, a new you,
Let’s make it a healthy and fit one, too!

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