Making Your New Year’s Resolution Last All Year

If you’re wanting to start your journey into a healthier lifestyle, remember that you have twelve months to do it. That’s twelve months of starts, failures, retries, more failures, more retries, rinse, repeat, shake it a little or a lot, and start it all over again. Or put another way, that’s 52 whole weeks. You fail in one week you have 51 others to regroup and try again. Being healthy is a lifestyle. Change is hard. Implementing new habits and changing behaviours is not always fun. It’s very taxing. You’ll need discipline and mental toughness. You need to become the lead character in your own story. Kick ass and chew bubblegum. Take names, if you have to.

Getting started is daunting. Keeping it going is hard. But once you get past that initial phase, it does seem like it can be done. You just need to get past that warm-up phase. That sudden onslaught of challenges and difficulties. But once the ball gets going, when you finally see the needle move, it can almost be impossible to stop. You just need to persevere.

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