No Bullshit

Weekly Bullshit # 4 – I’m I over my head

This year I’ve been doing a whole bunch of different sports. It started out with doing functional training at home for the first few months of 2020 when all went to hell. Then around May I started running again; I still wasn’t an efficient runner so it was a bit of a challenge. Then I […]

Fitter, Stronger, Zzzzzzzzz.

Ever since I’ve been working from home, and gotten my Whoop, I’ve been trying to get better sleep. If you’ve never used a tool like Whoop, or the Oura ring, they are tools used to help you get proper rest and provides feedback on your recovery progress. The better quality your sleep, the better your […]

Heading Back to the Gym…What I Learned During Lockdown

Last week I went back to the gym for the first time in four months. It felt very different than the work outs that I’ve done since the lockdown happened. If you were anywhere on social media at the beginning, the message was that you should walk out of the lockdown having learned something new. […]

Getting Fitter, Stronger. And Angrier

It’s week ten or eleven of Lockdown. Maybe event twelve. No stupid zombies. Shitty weather. One day a week I shop for supplies. With my sanitizer in my pocket and face mask on. It’s dreadful. And even stressful sometimes. Every day is the same. I wake up, eat breakfast, take a shower, then sit at […]

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