Dear Diary: Your Brain is Your Frenemy

By itself, the above doesn’t say much. But when I apply that to the rest of my life, I can come up with several examples where anxiety will kick in when I know I’m about to put myself in “harm’s” way. The interesting thing with running, is I can feel all the things as they happen. First my posture deteriorates. And once that happens and the balance is destroyed, my leg muscles start to hurt. And running just becomes very difficult to sustain.

I was reading the book Endure, by Alex Hutchinson, which is a book about endurance. The book covers a lot of ground. But one thing that the author states based on research is that the brain is the first to give up. But it gives up a long time before the body is even in danger of being in trouble. The body seems to have a lot of ways to protect itself from death, and your mind is the the first soft guard against that. So if you’re fit, but not an elite athlete, chances are very slim any one of us can die from working out.

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