Weekly Bullshit # 1 – Running and Endurance

Recently, I started running again for the current summer season. I’m already doing better than last year, which is great. Since I got my Whoop I’ve been pushing myself in other ways to improve my fitness level.

For this year I did things different in an effort to work smarter and not harder. First, I got myself a new pair of running shoes. The last pair I had gave me a bunion on my left foot. The new pair seems to be providing more support. Of course, my form may also have gotten better.

But also, instead of running on the nearby trail that is uneven. Or the 6 kilometres loop that’s a drive between home and the gym. I managed to put one together right outside my front door that is about 1.1 kilometres long. It’s a small loop. It’s just beyond my reach. But not so much where all I think about is how long before I’m done. What’s great about this loop is that I can focus on increasing my endurance.

So what about my endurance. Well the running muscles seem to be well developed. I’m able to focus on smooth consistent breathing. I can also run longer than before without counting in my head. I think what my main problem now may be form deterioration. So it’s possible that my core isn’t engaged enough. Or I’m not focusing on keeping it solid. It’s stuff that I still need to figure out. But the good thing is that I am getting better.

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